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Eagle or Seagull Managers

Eagle or Seagull Managers – same result.

While it may seem obvious that the strongest influence on an employee’s drive and morale is their supervisor, very few companies recognize the degree to which bad bosses may negatively impact their employees’ productivity. Engagement survey evidence shows only 15% – 19 % of workers feel valued and respected in the workplace, while a third of US employees lose over 20 hours a month complaining about their bosses. Furthermore, Finnish studies have found employee stress from poor managers has been linked to a rise in blood pressure and an increased risk of coronary heart disease. This observation that managers too often offer inadequate support over time followed by ineffective problem-solving at the last-minute can be summarized through the concept of “seagull management” – 21st century micromanagers who seem to swoop in, squawk at everybody and leave behind piles of formulaic advice before abruptly taking off and leaving behind a frustrated and sometimes more confused co-worker. Read More →

Find Me Someone For This Position

Find me someone for this positionWhile you may not want to say this to a hiring manager who is standing over your desk in desperate need to fill a vacant position, believe it or not, the cost of hiring a weak employee like in many cases exceeds the cost of leaving the position vacant until you can find the right person. The best leaders and organizations that I work with rarely succumb to pressure, of simply filling the vacancy. Sometimes, however, the ‘here and now’ can make managers take short term actions which they will pay dearly for later. Read More →

Your gift for good leadership – Discretionary Effort


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The simple secret of every great place to work: It’s people based—not perk based. It’s relationship-based, not transaction-based. The interesting part of this idea is that this is not “new” nor is it “revolutionary”.  Read More →